As a designer, I find my influences in different cultures; the environments, textures, sounds and colors. My appreciation for classic architecture stems from my time living in England. While in Germany, I connected with the clean lines and movement of Bauhaus and the German Expressionists. The European Arts and Crafts Movement of Scotland and the classical architecture seen throughout Italy cemented my love for traditional style.  


During the recent past, I've become more interested in how our natural environment is affected by construction, pollution, and toxins in our air and water. I decided to enroll in a Graduate program in New York City to study Sustainable Interior Environments. Since graduation, I have dedicated myself to help reduce negative impacts on the environment and design healthy and comfortable spaces for my clients and their families.


My designs can be seen all over the country, from Los Angeles to Palm Beach. I have worked in all aspects of interior design, as well as project management, custom furniture design, and art installations. I have consulted on the design of small-scale residences, and managed and guided full-scale commercial projects, from concept and development to execution and installation.

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