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Embracing Sustainability as a Lifestyle

Design Quarterly (ANYQ) features Michelle in an article that discusses promoting sustainability as a lifestyle rather than a trend.

Michigan Modern Living Room.jpeg

50 Fireplace Ideas - Elle Decor

A bold yet simplistic design of a fireplace surround that allows the views of the outdoors and bold accent colors to shine.

Eet Duurzaam.png

Eet Duurzaam: A Transparent Eatery

A graduate thesis project that reflects not only sustainable materials in the building design but also sustainable and local farming practices.

Michigan Kitchen.jpeg

Minimalist Kitchen

Learn more about the design thinking, sourcing, and sustainability choices that went into this remodeled kitchen.

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 8.57.11 AM.png

Boyd Lighting Cosmo Pendant

Proud to have Boyd Lighting choose one of my kitchen designs to display their amazing Cosmo Pendant.


Designing Inclusive, Equitable, and Healthy Communities

Interior designers have a collective responsibility to promote positive social impacts

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Parsons Healthy and Sustainable Affordable Housing Certificate

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